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Monica Adams

About Monica

Monica Adams creates oil paintings of beauty icons from the 1940s and 50s, their long hair and luscious lips layered with bold, colorful patterns. Embracing the natural weave of the canvas, the artist stretches her own canvases and uses clear gesso before layering charcoal and paints to achieve various washes and textures. The artist’s works are informed by her overseas travels to London, Paris, Venice, Umbria, Switzerland and Egypt, and indeed, the women in her paintings have a universal and timeless sense of beauty.

In Home Consultations


In home consultations is a service which allows our buyers to experience the real feel of Monica’s art piece that you have chosen to potentially purchase to place in you chosen location.

What we do is arrive to your office, home, factory, and sit with you to achieve full customer satisfaction giving you a one on one experience. We bring along a range of artworks varying from your chosen few along with others that may be similar or at times vary different from what you have selected. Often what our customers chose and what they purchase ends up been very different from their first selection,while the art is in front of often presents differently and our clients views change from their first chosen art pieces to their new choice.

By bringing the Artworks to your family home and holding these on the wall you are wishing to utilise gives our buyersan emotional connection with the piece of art you have fallen in love with. This provides our clients with a real live experience on how your New art piece will look and feel in your home. We look forward to hearing from you soon.



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Or check out Monica’s Blog posts regarding her paintings, events and gallery’s she has the opportunities to attend.